Qingdao Kingstone Industry Co.,Ltd.

  • Coloured Nylon PVC Entrance Scraping Mat KD302

    1.Colored nylon fibers on the surface are woven into a unique hexagonal pattern, with large interior space and good scratching performance, which can firmly grasp moisture and soil. 2.The PVC elastic yarn on the back has excellent cushioning and elasticity, and it will not collapse for a long time. 3.Bright colors, not easy to wear; excellent weather resistance and water resistance.

  • PVC Loop Floor Mat KD301

    Colorful design floor mat, both beautiful and functional. The three-dimensional ring-shaped structure can be used to scrape stains on the soles of the door, or used for anti-skid use in wet and slippery places

  • Kinglion Low profile rubber floor mat KD107

    Used in thousands of healthcare facilities and homes everyday, our premium low profile mat is specially designed to prevent slips and falls, including in wet prone areas. The commercial grade, low profile and rubber backed surface also allows ease of movement for shuffling feet and walking aids. It's antibacterial, mould and odour resistant.

  • Industrially machine washing dirt-protective carpet mat KD105

    Textile services improve the lives of millions of people every day,so as mat service.For mat rental and replacement service companies, the industrially machine washing dirt-protective carpet mats are essential.